Black-Oil Simulator for Windows™

WinBOAST version 1.1 now available in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions! 16-bit version works with either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 32-bit version works with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT.

Update release (September 29, 1997): Version 1.1d 32-bit and Version 1.1d 16-bit fixes problem with cumulative WOR and GOR on plots. Click on the version you need (update will not work unless you already have a licensed version of WinBOAST installed on your machine). Download size: 240KB.

New Release (April 29, 1998): Version 1.2 (for 32-bit only) is considerably faster in execution. You need to have an existing installed and licensed version of WinBOAST on your computer before this beta version will work. Download size: 6.7MB.

Working Demo Program

We have created a working demo that you can download and try for yourself! Click here to download now (~2MB). The demo program supports 90% of the functions in the full product, but has been hard-coded to a suite of example problems.

You can download the latest WinBOAST help file to help you to evaluate the program. The latest version will run fine under Windows 3.1, 95 or NT. Click here to download now (~260KB).

Product Description

WinBOAST provides an integrated user interface that allows you easy access to upgraded versions of both PC-BOAST and PC-BOAST/2 simulators. Using WinBOAST, you will be able to prepare simulator input, execute the simulator, and process the output in the form of different types of graph. WinBOAST graphical output can be printed to any Windows™ compatible printer, or can be copied to the Windows™ clipboard and pasted into any Windows™ program that accepts pasted pictures. You will find this a very convenient method of preparing reports from the simulation. WinBOAST allows you to recompile the simulators if you have the Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation compiler installed on your computer. Screen view.

Simulator Functions

The two simulators are fully functional three-dimensional, three-phase, black-oil simulators, that can be used for small to moderate sized field simulations. Both simulators use an IMPES formulation, and are therefore more suited to field simulations rather than single well coning studies. WinBOAST provides an easy interface for you to launch the simulator, monitor and control its execution, and quickly retrieve the output. The simulators are full 32-bit executables, run extremely quickly and have no limits on grid size. The software provides point-and-click utilities for easy recompilation to any size you choose (the Microsoft PowerStation Fortran compiler is required for recompilation, but executables for grids up to 40x40x5 are already provided with the product).

Input Functions

A complete data input utility is provided for easy input of simulator input files. Although you can edit the original file if you choose to, you will be delighted to create the input file quickly and easily by "filling in the blanks". WinBOAST formats your data into the structure required by either simulator. You can also retrieve the data from the simulator's input file, modify it and then recreate the file. During data entry, you can produce plots of the data to check it for errors and consistency. Screen view.

Plot Functions

WinBOAST contains three types of plotting functions: (a) saturation plots during the simulation, (b) history plots of well production, used for history matching, and (c) contour plots of reservoir parameters and computed variables such as pressure and saturation. You can import data from many other sources to include into the history plots for comparison purposes. WinBOAST plots can be printed on any Windows™ compatible printer, or can be copied to the Windows™ clipboard to be pasted into other applications. Screen view.

User Functions

WinBOAST includes a complete online help system to aid you in using the program. In particular, you will be pleased to find a complete format specification of the simulator input files to help you understand the meaning and likely values of required parameters.

System Requirements

WinBOAST is compatible with any 486DX or better machine running Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT. You should have at least 16MB of RAM.


WinBOAST is available now for US$1600. Please specify 3 inch or 5 inch disks when ordering (we ship 3 inch disks by default). We can also ship on CD-ROM if you prefer. Please note that a special version is required to run under Windows NT, please specify if you need this version. Windows 95 users may use either the standard version of WinBOAST or the special Windows NT version.

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