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Petroway, Inc. is a company specializing in engineering software and books for the international petroleum industry. You may access information and demo versions of some of our products from this site.

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WinBOAST is a three-dimensional, three-phase, black-oil simulator based on the successful Petroway, Inc. simulators PC-BOAST and PC-BOAST/2 (which were themselves based on the DOE codes BOAST and BOAST-II). WinBOAST overcomes many of the difficulties using a program such as BOAST, by providing easy ways to enter data and recover graphical output from the simulator. To learn more about WinBOAST and to see some of the screen captures, click here.

The book "Modern Well Test Analysis" by Roland N. Horne, is published by Petroway, Inc. as a learning tool for those wishing to develop skills in well test interpretation. The book is available from The second edition of this book was published in August 1995, and includes a multimedia CD that includes a complete hypertext version of the book, and a large number of field examples. Well test interpretation software is provided on the CD for those who wish to learn well testing by "hands-on" practice. For more information about the book, click here .

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